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Top 10 to Start Interior Designs and Decorating

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Interior Designs and Decorating and Re-Modeling can be difficult to begin and overwhelming, no matter what size task youre about to undertake. At Interior Designs Home Decor, we have compiled what we call ourВ Top Ten List to assist you in an overview of a typical decorating project. We feel it is in your best interest to review all these areas and take them into consideration before STARTING.

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Decorating doesnt have to be the most difficult thing you have ever tackled. If you do your homework first and layout a plan that works for your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences, then were sure you will have a successful result. It wont take long and youll be enjoying the efforts of all your hard work.
  1. Consider your Lifestyle in your Decision Making.Formal,Casual Comfy,Casual Elegant, Contemporary or International.
  2. ABudgetmust be set in order to achieve all that you would like to accomplish for your newly designed space.
  3. Prioritizewhere those Funds will be spent and have a backup plan for any unexpected surprises along the way.
  4. Establish aColour Palettefor your home. Consider the floor plan so you can create harmony for any upcoming decorating projects to compliment existing designs to flow one room to another.
  5. Lighting must be considered as to how much natural light enters into the space. A rule of thumb is to make your paint selections between 11a.m-3pm when the natural light is most optimal.
  1. A Neutralwall colour will ensure most design styles will blend nicely. Creamy beige for a warm toned palette and a medium grey for a cool toned palette as examples.
  2. Accessorieswill add the flair of colour and texture to create interest and eye appeal within your space. This also allows you to change from a summer season to winter season if you so choose.
  3. Furnitureplacement is key to the flow and functionality of your room. Consider the uses your room will provide and place the furniture to reflect that as well.
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9. Window treatments are the icing on the cake. Various designer blinds can provide privacy when needed and valances and side panels can enhance the design with colour and textures. 10. De-cluttering is a must to show your room at its optimum best. Display your favourite pieces in groupings, fresh flowers can add life and colour, and displaying pictures adds a personal touch. Remember less is more.

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