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Simple and Attracting Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

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Bedroom design ideas for menВ are full of something dark and minimalist. If you want to redesign your bedroom, you can just try the ideas here. Hopefully, later your bedroom looks manly but it is not as darker as just like ordinary bedroom. In fact, dark bedroom doesnt mean that you have an untidy bedroom.

The color of bedroom design ideas for men

MostВ bedroom designs for men are using dark and neutral colors. It is different to the color for women, it is colorful and bright. In this case, you can apply specific color such as the combination between black and white. If you want to combine it with different color, you can just apply brown, light blue and wooden color. You dont need to give any kind of strong pattern. If you want to have pattern on bedroom, you can just take strips or simple patterns. Squared pattern is also allowed to make your bedroom perfect. It is also okay for you apply animal prints if you really want to have strong pattern on your beloved bedroom. Of course, the color of the patterns and prints are dark or neutral. It is simple but worth for your bedroom.

The material of bedroom design ideas for men

One of the possibilities to redesign your bedroom is by using vintage items. Here, you can just take natural material such as wood. You can just put a wooden bed, wooden bookcase, wooden chairs, tables, and many more. Rattan is also a good material for your bedroom. If you want to give modern touch, just take glass or aluminum as the material which applied to your bedroom.

The detail of the bedroom

You need to know that bedroom for men dont need too many details. You have to make sure that the bedroom detail is as simple as you can. Everything in your bedroom has to be match with the function. For example, you can put a medium or big bookcase to keep your books collection. It is also important to get a bookcase with a lot of storages so you can also put your important items there. It is the same case when you have to put your clothes. For those who want to put accessories in the bedroom, just make sure that it represents male. Let say, you can hang a traditional weapon from your country, your own paintings, sculpture, and many more. Just remember! Dont put too many accessories which make your bedroom looks crowded. By applying the tips ofВ men bedroom ideasВ above, it hopes you can really have a comfortable bedroom and it looks really masculine.

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