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Platform Bed Frame Construction

platform bed frame full
Platform bed frame does not use metal frames or box springs. It consists of a platform bed design that is made from wood instead together with a mattress. Sometimes it comes with headboards, side rails, and drawers. Platform beds have actually existed throughout history much longer than box springs. They can be either in simplistic or heavy decorative designs.

How to Build Your Own Platform Bed Frame

The first step you have to take in building your own platform bed frame is to measure the mattress that you have or will use. The platform will then be wider than the mattress for about an inch. The base of the platform is smaller than the platform instead at twelve inches less than the length and width of the mattress. After taking all the necessary measurements, you can begin to gather up all the materials. You can now start building by building the base of the platform first. Cut the wooden boards according to the measurements you have taken beforehand. Use wooden screws to assemble the base and screw in short pieces of board inside the gaps that exists between cross pieces in order to stabilize the base. Allow some time in order for the glue to dry and the process of building you platform bed frame should be finished.

Gallery of Platform Bed Frame Construction

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