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SelectingВ PaintВ interior for your space may sound simple, but if the right color and paint finish is not correct, then all your hard work will have gone to waste. If your not confident in your ability to pick the right color and paint finish, then its best to make a visit to your local paint store and speak to a Color Consultant. Its amazing, but true that if a wrong wall shade is selected the overall look to the room is at risk. When you are making an investment of money and time, you want to know that it wasnt all in vain. A successful paint selection will be the one element that truly allows your room to shine!

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The first decision to be made after you have decided to paint is what finish am I looking for and what colour do I want. If this is an area that you are uncomfortable in making a decision and you dont have a friend or family member that you feel you can consult with, then look at using the services of a Colour Consultant. The average fee for this type of service is in the range of $100 for up to a 2-hour consultation. In the big scheme of things this fee is nominal if the final results are stunning. The choice of a correct colour here can make the difference between a pop and a flop. A Colour Consultant will look at the other colour aspects of the room, for example furnishings, flooring, cabinets etc. and make his or her choice based on the foundation of the room they will be working within.

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Prep work is something we all hate to do, but to achieve a near flawlessly painted room it is extremely important to put in the time to do the prep work well. Next, in painting interior walls, wash the walls with TSP to remove any oils or dirt, then putty and sand existing holes or blemishes, tape off edges at ceilings and trims and use the recommended primer for your particular application. With one to two coats of primer the walls will be sealed and ready for your coloured paint choice. The two most commonly used types of interior paint finishes are Interior latex, which is a water-based product, and Alkyd, which is an oil based product. The latex means you can do your paintbrush cleanup with water and soap, and with alkyd you must clean up with mineral spirits.Painting with alkyd paint should be done in a well-ventilated room as the fumes can be strong, latex has a bit less of an odour but it is also recommended to be well ventilated if possible.

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Once you ve chosen which type of paint product you will be purchasing you need to decide on what type of finish you prefer to have on your walls. A flat finish dries to a matte or sheen free surface. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, ceilings, brick and drywall surfaces. This is not a good choice for a high traffic area or where you may want to scrub the walls ofpainting house interior.

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