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How to Have French Bedroom Decor

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French bedroom decor is one of popular decorations of the private sanctuary at home. The French theme provides romantic and relaxing atmosphere with its own characteristic. To create bedroom d?cor with this theme, there are some points must be considered because they are the important aspects to create the real atmosphere of French atmosphere. Knowing more about the color palette usually uses in this decoration, the furniture not to mention the accessories to give details are significant. Since French decor will support the main purpose of tranquil sanctuary which is very suitable to be applied in your bedroom, you should prepare all of them. You may combine with your own idea to create more unique design. However, adapting the original of this d?cor is just greatly wonderful because the play of color scheme will be soft for the eyes.

Color Palette in French Bedroom Decor

You will notice the selection of color scheme of french bedroom decor can be Provencal color palette, the combination of blue and yellow or black and white combo. Another option is pale neutral palette for peaceful atmosphere. The color scheme will be good when you put the furnishings and bedroom furniture in the bedroom. You can choose the highlight color for the furniture without being too much. The natural elements should also be added for instance by adding the touch of wood or natural stone. If you want to play with details of embellishment, ensure the color is not too bold in order to remain the calmness sense in the bedroom. Mostly, pale yellow is the popular choice as the main bedroom color. Yet, today, there are other possibilities to choose for instance, lilac, soft pink, light peach, light blue or green.

Details on French Bedroom Decor

In choosing furniture and accessories for the bedroom, there are some key lines to know. for the bed, antique reproduction wood bed can be the choice. You can also opt out the iron beds with headboards and footboards. Other options are canopy beds or four poster beds. The pieces to add in the room are mostly period storage stuffs. Also put some seating with comfortable upholstery for more inviting atmosphere. Wardrobe, dresser, drawer or other furniture will be better when they are finished with gild, glaze, paint, stencil or gloss. For the small pieces, such as pillows and fabrics items, it is important to energize the bed dress using some motifs such as checked, floral or striped. Use window treatment fabric with silk taffeta or draperies. Dont leave the fringe and tassels behind for more beautiful french bedroom decor.

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