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Faux Finishes for Home Wall Decor

faux finish a brick fireplace
Faux FinishesВ for your home wall decor, is a popular option for adding design style and flair to your wall, or hiding unsightly imperfections. A Faux Finish means to fake or fool the eye which allows you to believe the wall looks one way, when it actually does not. When a faux finish is done well, it will be hard to tell if the wall started off that way, or if it has had a faux finish applied to it. Faux finishes are not only on walls, but can be seen on furniture, pottery, cement and almost any surface that will accept paint. Applying a faux finish to your walls in wall art home decor can be intimidating, but can be done well with the assistance of consultants at your local paint and decorating store. If you choose to go ahead with a faux finish, but are unsure about doing it yourself, there are many paint artisans who can be hired to complete this for you. So add something new, different and unexpected to your space and embrace the world of faux finishing. There are many types of faux finishes and probably one that would fit your decor. Heres some exciting choices, Colorwashing, Stippling, Sponging, Ragging, Dragging, Combing, Wood Graining, Marbling, Gilding, Faux Suede & Leather, Venetian Plaster, Antiquing, Decoupage, Trompe Loeil, and Texturizing. If you have never done a faux finish before then you need to do a bit of homework before you start. If you have a friend or relative that has done a faux finish then ask if theyll help you along on your first attempt. Its always easier with a second pair of hands, especially if the technique you have chosen has layers or short open time for working with the paint or product. Before starting ensure you have all the tools that you will need, nothing is more disappointing then frantically trying to correct something and not having the proper tools. A faux finish is great for a childs room or play area because it will hide all the dings and bangs that children can throw at it. Dont forget that a faux finish can look equally as good in a more formal setting. The options are endless and you can let your creative juices flow when it comes to a faux finish. If your wanting a texture on your wall that is washable and durable or one that is silky smooth to the touch a faux finish can provide either. It probably is one of the most versatile ways of adding an interesting architectural detail to a room at an affordable price. You can be self taught and you dont have to hire an expert if you dont wish too, but it will be fun when you can take credit for the outstanding final results. To Faux or Not to Faux? That is the question, but it is the answer too. Create your magic home wall decor ideas within your home and most importantly have fun. Here more picture wall art home decor

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