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Carpet Squares as the New Carpet Ideas in Our House

indoor outdoor carpet squares
Carpet squares or widely known as modular carpet is a new innovation of DIY-wall to wall carpet. It is the fine alternative to change your traditional carpet in the living room. Yet the carpet squares installation is quite ease and any home owners can install it in a day. You only need to lay the square carpets on the floor, and then the adhesive strips and the heavy backing of the carpet will hold it on their places. Carpet squares are versatile carpet that you can use anywhere. It can be used in the kids playroom to create some whimsy effect; you can also use the carpet on the dining room. It will make your dining room to be more elegant in colorful squares of carpet. Whether you want to make a wall-to-wall or an area rug, the carpet squares will look beautiful.

The Minor Issue of Carpet Squares

Although carpet squares are rather expensive compared to the traditional carpet, the term of expensive is quite subjective. You do not need to use the service of installing the carpet. If you misplace the carpet, you can easily fix it. Moreover, you do not need to use specific tools, which are the lack of common carpet; you either rent the labor or rent the tools to fix the traditional carpet.

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