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Bonsai Tree In The Living Room

bonsai tree drawing
There will be so many ideas in my mind if I talk about the items in the living room decoration. You need to know that I have a great interest in the decoration. I design a house and give the accessories there. it seems that my job is really hard. But I enjoy it. But in this occasion I wont talk about my job in the detail description. I just want to share my experience when I design a living room. Do you want to know about that? Well, I will tell a little for you. In the living room, I put theВ bonsai tree. You might ask me why I put theВ bonsai treeВ in my living room. In the first time, actually I dont have any idea about the placement of bonsai in the living room. Accidentally, I get this inspiration when I open the magazine. There is a magazine about interior design on my friends house. There is an interesting picture there. The picture is about living room decoration. In that picture, I see a bonsai tree is put in the room. Actually, the bonsai tree is not big enough. But the effect to the living room is really powerful. That is why; I take decision to have the same thing. I buy a bonsai tree in the shops. Then, I bring it home. I put it in the good position. And the result is very excellent. My living room decoration looks so great. You should know about that. You may take inspirations from my decorating experience also. TheВ bonsai treeВ can be your decorative items also. I know that your living room will be perfect if you add it with the good bonsai tree. The application to the living room can improve the design. Please underline this important point.

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